Week 11 Reflection

The past week was another week occupied by find internship. Although I did not get any chance for an interview. But I think the mock-up interviews exercise in the classroom is an interesting and useful way to bring me to experience the interview. And I learned a lot from my peers. I would like to thank Corey and Ainsley for sharing with me their experience gained in real interviews, and for giving very, very useful feedbacks to my answers.

Finally, I found my mentee and can continue the mentor a designer plan. My mentee and I plan to meet for the first time this week! I can’t wait anymore. Twitter’s designer attention program is also steadily moving forward. I know I am slow because I like to read the posts posted by many professional designers. A lot of content is very interesting. I often forget the time when I look at it.

I met with a professional designer last Saturday. He gave feedbacks to my case studies. At the same time, it also helped me complete KR1 of “Share my projects in public”. Yay! ! ! I sincerely thank everyone who helped me on the road to becoming a designer. I also hope that I can find the internship before the end of May.



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